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How Long Can We Use Primer 52?

Believe that the program fits very well for me, 2 days high volume, 2 for strength and 1 optional, but how long can use the fasting days? 4-5 weeks? and then do maintenance/plus calories for what time?

It can be done for a lifetime. You simply adjust caloric intake on the other days based on your goal at the moment. And if complete fasting becomes too hard, you can use intermittent fasting (Warrior Diet style) instead of the two fasting days.

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Thanks! I thought that every 1-2 months I must to do any break of fasting. Some tip if in fast day have sleep issues? And in strength days can increase the calories from carbs to 30-40% of non-protein calories?

Why? Especially when it’s 2 days a week and you can use intermittent fasting to have a “break”.

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Okey, thankss!!