How Long Can I Use Hot-Rox?

Short version:
Is there a recommended limit to how long it is safe to use Hot Rox?

Longer version:
I have been using hot rox to burn some fat while working on strength gains. I eat a medium sized breakfast of oatmeal and protein shake at about 6:30 am, wait one hour and take 2 hot rox at the start of my work day. I have an active job. I don’t eat again until I get done with work at about 4-4:30 pm. I then have a small meal, begin peri workout nutrition and do my lifting. After lifting I eat frequent medium sized meals until my calories and macros are filled. I have been at 3000 cal, pro/carb/fat ratio of roughly 26/48/26. I have managed to loose some fat this way without really losing any weight, staying steady around 175. Fat loss has stalled, and I am ready to bulk a bit, but I like not eating durring work for conveneince, and the hot rox seems to help with hunger and energy durring my work day. Is there any reason one dosage a day for a long time period would be harmful?

This would be better posted over in the Biotest Supplement forum.

In a nutshell, not really. You can take it as long as you’re focused on fat loss. The label does recommend giving it at least six weeks.

Certainly not harmful. It would be about your body attenuating to the boost, which can happen with any stimulant.

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