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How Long Can I Store Test in Multi-dose Vials After Transferring from Ampoules?

Hi guys. Just got my Testosterone Enanthate. But it comes in ampoulles. I know how to transfer them to multidose vials and I have the necessary tools but how long can I keep them in such? Is there any problem in storing them in such vials? Picture below.

Once the vials are broken they are no longer sterle, you need to transfer to a syringe and store them in a cool dry place.

@systemlord, thanks for the reply. So I cannot actually store in multidose vials? That sucks. :frowning: My dose is 80mg twice a week so I guess I have to pre load 3 syringes from a single ampoule.

Yes you can store in multidose vials.

I don’t think I get it. I should put each dose in different vial or can poke the same multi dose vial multiple times? Sorry but I am new to the game

You could simply use a big pin to transfer product until the multi use is full, or pre-fill syringes. I only have access to amps and pre-fill syringes. I would not want to change to another system, pre-filled syringes are good for a long time and it makes life so much easier.

So I fill the multidose with 10ml of juice. Then I can poke the multidose every week and withdraw the needed quantity with no trouble?

Yep, just make sure to clean the top with alcohol before you poke it.

Thanks a lot. So I draw each amp with different needle, change the needle and inject into the vial when having a separate needle in the vial to reduce pressure. :slight_smile:

I would draw all of them with the same needle and load the vial without changing. Just have an alcohol wipe out and make sure you don’t touch anything directly with your hand once you wipe it down, or wipe it down a few times as necessary.