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How Long Can I Stay on Cycle?

I am on a 500mg a week dosage of testosterone and i am at week 11. Would it be okay for me to run NPP along with the testosterone before I came off. A total of 22 weeks. Has anyone done something of this nature before. My buddy said it should be good as long as I run my PCT for a bit longer.

Meh. It’s probably fine, but it’s not the best idea that’s ever been thought of. I would say that doing it one time isn’t a big deal. But if you start to make a habit of being undisciplined and failing to plan then that sort of bleeds over into other parts of life. But doing it this one time and really getting serious bang from a long cycle? It may well be worth it.


As iron said, you should be fine long as your blood pressure is in check. I’ve been on 20+ week cycles before at low doses, I always feel lower dose longer cycles are better than high dose shorter cycles. I am on TRT however.


What was the low dose you ran? Did you get better results on the low dose/longer cycle vs a shorter/higher dose cycle? Or was it similar results just less shit to deal with while on? I’ve always been curious about this.

From personal experience, I can say low dose over the long haul works well. Depending on what you are running, it’s much healthier and financially better too.

How long to stay on depends on how well you are continuing to make progress. Adding more stuff to the cycle may not be the answer, especially at 11 weeks if you plan on coming off. You could say they didn’t run a good PCT protocol, but it seems to me PCT is the most debated cycle when using steroids. No one seems to have a definitive answer.

Remember, the longer you are on regardless of dose, the harder it is to get things turned back on.

IMO, depending on what you are running, anything longer than 12 weeks makes things a LOT harder. Everyone is different and it’s not gospel, but from some guys I’ve been around that went longer than 12 had a miserable time getting their junk turned back on.

I have high HCT problems when blasting so I have to do mini blood tests to make sure my HCT and E2 are not over the top.