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How Long Can I Run Low Dose Tren Ace?

Vitals are good, blood tests good (HDL low, rest fine).

I was on for a while. I was near the end of cycle but had an accident and my body comp got wrecked a bit being unable to work out etc… I had a bad concussion falling down a 20 foot flight of escalators.

Anyway I’m sad about this and so I’m staying on tren ace to get my figure back.

When I had my accident I got a v comprehensive blood panel etc. My blood pressure tends to be around 133/80 or sometimes lower like 127/73 which is my off cycle BP. Resting heart rate 64 BPM.

Can I stay on for as long as all my health markers and bloodwork is ok? Will gains actually just stop? I was off tren and everything for maybe 2 weeks but overeating, sedentary, catabolic.

I’m blast and cruise btw so recovery isn’t a factor.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Seems like a pretty bad idea. You had a concussion, which is not great for your brain, and you want to run tren indefinitely, which is not great for your brain. At some point in your life longevity should trump narcissism.


There is multiple things you need to take into consideration not just your blood work being ok.

What is a “low” dose to you?
And how long did you have in mind?

True, but I’m basically fully recovered now. Also it wouldn’t be indefinite. I wanna do 8 more weeks then cruise for a short while with TRT.

Hypothetically though I’m wondering if blood markers and health markers being on point means it IS okay to run it until they’re not.

As low as 210 mg, typically 280 or 300 mg per week. I do 350 mg sometimes but I don’t like the breathlessness. I use Tren Ace ED.

Ok that’s not neccarily “low” running tren in the 250-300 range is what I would consider moderate.

So are you not on trt. I’m just really confused right now I need you to better explain exactly what your plan is in order for me to provide any opinion.

What have you been using this cycle so far and for how long. And what exactly is the end plan? I see you say cruise on trt for a while but that’s not exactly how that works.

I was on 35 mg ED for about 18 weeks tren ace with 150 mg enanthate per week. Was off for 2 or 3 weeks due to the accident, overeating, no exercise or very light exercise at most.

By TRT I just mean testosterone alone at natural human levels. Self administered. So like 150 mg test enanthate per week for me. I cruise on that for typically 8 weeks so I don’t lose much mass but it still gives me a rest.

From here I want to use tren ace for 8 weeks to get my physique back to how it was before I had the accident. As said all my health markers are good.

I’m blast and cruising for life by the way.

Well eight weeks is a different story. The way you asked the question made it seem like you were going to add tren to a long term trt regiment.

Blood work is important, obviously. But that’s not the only marker of health. A lot can go wrong before it shows up in your blood work.

So essentially it’s going to be 18 weeks on 3 weeks off 8 weeks on.

Would I run it that long eh probably not I’m not sure I would have run it the 18 weeks to begin with. I love tren I love how It makes me feel and look but I can’t shake the idea that even tho my blood work is fine I know it’s altering my brain chemistry.

Really it comes down to your life your body your choice. The brain is pretty good at snapping back just like the rest of the human body so as long as you don’t make a habit of 26 week tren usage every year youl probably be fine.

Nah sorry for the dodgy wording in my post.

On this topic though I’m not doing it, apparently tren in very low amounts has been trialed for HRT because it lowers risks on the prostate. I think some use tren e/test e at 50/50 per week for HRT.

I’m not doing that myself but just saying, I’ve wondered about it. There aren’t many studies though.

It messes with serotonin right? For some reason on tren I get no aggression etc. and I wonder if it’s because I’m taking SSRIs for anxiety disorder.

It affects the CNS and the serotonin and dopamine receptors. As I said the brain does a good job at recovering how long it will take is questionable.

I dont know the mechanisms of action of ssri’s but I can’t imagine mixing tren with them is a good idea. Just a thought maybe someone else will chime in.

I dont get aggression either. Iv noticed on rare occasion I will be less patient which can lead to annoyance but I’m not walking around beating my wife. Iv also never been a angry person.

Also let me clarify. I’m not suggesting this is a good idea to run tren the length your running it. The best advice I can give is you probably shouldn’t have used it for 18 weeks to begin with.

Probably shouldn’t have in theory, I know healthwise it’s not the best idea.

I didn’t know it messed with dopamine as well. That’s odd. Has anyone developed long term bad anxiety from tren use (apparently it’s happened with equipoise)? I am prone to anxiety disorder. I haven’t felt anything bad IMO, in terms of mental effects. But can be hard to tell with things like that.

The problem is there are no longer term studies because it wasn’t a human pharmaceutical for more than a handful of years. So all we have is anecdotes from guys who have used it, and those are next to worthless when trying to find a discernible pattern.

But I also don’t trust SSRIs. Having used 11 different ones over my life I can say with a reasonable degree of confidence that there are better options available for the majority of the (overmedicated) people out there.

SSRIs are the best option for someone with an actual disorder like social anxiety disorder. People prescribe them though when like, your dog dies, which is wrong because that’s a natural reaction.

CBT and mindfulness are also proven to work. Benzos are but they’re addictive physically hence dangerous. MAOIs work better than SSRIs but through numerous studies the superiority of their performance does not make up for the huge increase in risks. I’m sure that’s why they aren’t prescribed easily.

IMO if you are sad for a reason you should fix that reason or grieve or w.e… If you’re sad for no reason you need meds. Same with anxiety. You shouldn’t be hopping on meds if you’re normal but get scared to deliver a speech, but should be if you find yourself suffering anxiety just going into a supermarket or passing strangers on the street etc. Like that’s the difference between wrongful prescription and correct prescription.

I’m with you, man. Spent a lot of time and money working with a good shrink and it’s worth it. Although the benzo addictiveness thing is still a mystery to me. I hear a ton of stories about them and how brutal withdrawals are, and when I stopped using them after eight months there was zero difference. Weird how different each person reacts to pharmaceuticals.

I was on the Xanax and klonopin from 16-18 years old. Relatively small doses 2mg klonopin/day and 1mg Xanax before bed.

I stopped cold turkey I didn’t have a seizure but for about 30 days my brain felt like it was on fire and my motor function was sketchy. It was a miserable feeling and made me despise mental health meds to the point where I never accepted another prescription for anything which I think ultimately was a good thing.


To be fair that sounds very mild for being on multiple benzos for 2 years! 2mg Klonopin and 1mg Xanax are actually quite high doses in the therapeutic sense.

You are correct. I guess I was thinking of people who take 6+mg of benzos a day.

I used to need to take 2mg of Xanax to sleep. It was unreal. I could take them and be totally normal, but a little drowsy. Other people take 1mg and are wrecked for hours. Meanwhile, I refused to take opioids after a surgery many years ago because they never gave me much relief. Instead they just made me vomit for hours on end. Drugs are strange, man.

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