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How Long Can I Cycle Alpha Male?

How long can I cycle Alpha Male for? Im on my 3rd straight bottle of it and might buy 2 more and then stack it with Rez-V

have you read the label?

yes… it does not say how many weeks you should take it for, it just gives cycling guidlines of 4 days on 2 days off then 3 days on 1 day off, or 5 days on 2 days off. So im guessing i can just take this stuff for months?


Would it be better to take 4 tabs of Alpha Male right in the morning or spread them out 2 in the morning 2 6-8 hours later?

If it were, wouldn’t it say so on the label? Just follow the instructions on the label. It also says that it can take months for the full effects to be realized.

Somewhere CT recommended to take all 4 at night.

I take 1 at noon and 2 before bed.

I’m not convinced that the full dose is necessary for me. Experiment.