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How long btw meals

Looking for an answer more than 2 can agree on.

I eat pretty much p+f or p+c meals.
How much time is needed between them?
I like to eat constantly but know I need to space out the carbs and fat. How far apart?

I’m not sure what JB recommends, but I usually give 3 hours between meals. Seemed to work so far. - PJ

3 hours between meals is the norm. if it’s quick digesting like surge, you can go 2 hours. if it’s slow digesting like cottage cheese or something, you can go longer like 4 hours.

Well it also depends on the size of your meal. I even recall JB saying you can have about 8 meals in a day. Now I doubt that would be easily accomplished with 3 hours in between. So if you start eating at 6am it goes.

That’s only 7 meals. I actually like eating every 2 hours it works best for me, and I eat all my carbs in the day, and f+p meals at night.

John, how long do you recommend between 2 p+f meals and between 2 p+c meals to minimize fat gain? Brian

alot of time i will eat small meals 1 hour apart, is this okay if i eat a c+p meal and then a f+p (consider i am hungery or need to fulful my cal requirement with limited time) a hour after or vice versa

I was wondering if it matters when you eat the c/p and f/p meals in relation to each other. I tend to eat most of the f/p meals later in the day… I eat 7 meals a day, 4 c/p and 3 f/p. Two of the f/p meal are the last two meals of the day…would it be better if i alternated between f/p and c/p meals?