How Long Between Cycles?


I only have one question…what is the worst what can happen if i’m not long enough time off.?
Let’s say if i do 10w cycle of test(not high dose 400mg per week), and want to do another cycle just 1month after pct…?

If I were in that situation I wouldn’t bother coming off and just blast & cruise. You’re not really giving your body a lot of time to recover to baseline levels with only 1 month off. What’s the worst that could happen? I guess that’s pretty subjective, but you could screw up your natural test production enough to be forced on to TRT, but that could happen anyways no matter the time off; part of the risk, it’s just that the risk could be higher. :man_shrugging:t4:

Yeah i’m allready off…so i’ll se what i’ll do now…
Anyway thanks for the time explaining…

Another thing my friend browsweet
You may receive other treatments that manipulate electrolytes and you are on testosterone
For Example : A cortisone shot or a cycle
Your body will reserve a lot of sodium under your skin
And if you don’t stop testosterone
The skin may explode due to the amount of sodium
No one has already talk about this, but it is very important

Time one = time off

Not the best rule but helps you stay off for longer and not want to just jump right back on, a good balance to stay safe. One month is not worth it, you most likely won’t be recovered yet. Should have stayed on

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Another question…
I’m runing testE 800mg/week and Deca 400mg/week.

Im using arimidex as an ai, at .25 e2d or even e3d and starting feeling tired all the time… dose to high or low?

You need a blood test. High and low e2 are hard to tell apart. It is probably the most common mistakes people make.

A friend of mine doesn’t really produce any e2 anymore, because he confused the two and kept bumping up his ai. It messed him up long term.

I would rather have high e2 temporarily on cycle than low e2. It takes a long time to recover from crashed e2.

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You jumped from 400mg weekly to 800 weekly and adding deca. Who knows why you’re feeling tired, you didn’t listen to any advice and take adequate time off, and you doubled your test dose. Get blood work done. Maybe you’re tired because your body is exhausted from the roller coaster you’re putting it through?

Best of luck on your recovery.


Man… i didn’t write to get quotws like this…but some advice on dosage ai…
Anyway probably best figureing it selfout :slight_smile:


Well, do you want us to guess? We can’t tell you how much of a super potent breast cancer drug to take based off of what you posted. You need to check by blood test.

BTW, if you think I’m exaggerating how nasty AIs are, and how important it is to use them properly, just Google search anastrozal reviews. Many women claim that crashed e2 and sides from the ai were worse than chemo.