How Long Between Cycles?

Currently on week 13 of 17 week.

weeks 1-12 500mg sust per week split into 2 shots.

weeks 13-17 100mg prop eod

finnish this cycle in middle of april but dont want to come off for summer.

What are my options?

Should i cruize on 150mg sust for a few week and go back on?

Run pct take 2 week of after and go back on?

Run pct and take same time off as I was on? DOnt really want to do this as I will be off all summer!

Next cycle is

1-8 prop
1-6 npp

either d-bol kicker or anavar finisher.

What can I do I would love to be on for summer!

libido went down week 9-12 on sust but Its very good now on prop.

Balls dont seems to have shrunk at all really.

I had always heard time on + PCT = time off. However, If you stabilize before then…

I typically choose time on + pct = time off. However, I count pct as time off. After 2-3 cycles. I typically take a lot longer off.