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How Long Between Cycles?


I want to run a mild var cycle for the next 7wks for spring. Would it be ok to start a 500mg test E + tbol cycle 4 weeks after that?

Im debating if I want to hold off on the var, and just focus on my summer TestE cycle


Generally the rule is Time On = Time off. So you should technically wait 7 weeks after your var cycle before going on another cycle. However, everyone's body recovers differently. A suggestion would be to get blood tests done after 4 weeks to see what your levels are like and if they are pretty normal then it should be ok to go on another cycle. But the best thing to do is to give your body a good period to recover and 4 weeks might be too short.

I hope you have some form of PCT worked out for both cycles..


Time on includes PCT. So its more than 7 weeks
Post less please.