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How Long Between Clen Cycles?


Alright dont start yelling. i did search for the answer. But specifically, i went on clen taper up taper down 25micro to 100micro over 2 weeks.
Worked great.
How long before i can do another 2 weeks?

Without the use of benadryl how long should you wait between 2 week cycles.

Oh and those of you who know me, the HCG IS AWESOME in everyway! Thanks So Much!



I would opt for two weeks - NOT that i have ran Clenbuterol cycles back to back, but if i did i would do a couple weeks.

I would also choose the shorter acting Albuterol - Think Test Prop vs. Test Undecanoate... :wink:


Hey, I don't have any advice, but: just curious, what kind of results did you see from that?


was sitting at 208 didnt do anything different and lost 9 lbs in the 2 weeks. what fat i had around obliques was visually down so id estimate at least 5lbs of true fat loss 9 lbs total.


Clen is pretty popular at our gym. We cycle 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off for a total of 6 weeks on (i.e 12 weeks in total).
Some guys take Ketotifen with it and then they can cycle for 6 weeks without a break


Man I have a friend who has been doing 2 on 2 off clen cycles for a year now and he still hasn't lost his bodyfat, and he won't listen to a damn thing I say about diet, he thinks he has it all under control. THat's a really long fucking time to be running clen.

I'm with brook on this one, 2 weeks on 2 off works.


Way, show your buddy this article. Diet is everything when trying to lose bf!


Study #1 - University of Texas
With 12 weeks of exercise; 3 strength sessions per week, 2 interval sessions per week
Only1.5lbs of fat were lost

Study #2 - University of Oklahoma
With 10 weeks of exercise; 3 endurance sessions per week, 2 strength sessions per week
Only 1.5lbs of fat were lost


2 weeks off if not using benadryl or Keto.

Also, no need to taper down with clen. Don't confuse it with T3/T4.

Lastly, you shouldn't really have to taper up much after you have ran clen before. Just start out where you began experiencing sides last time.