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How Long Before Using Split Routine

I just recently started lifting again after a too long layoff. I have been using a full body routine for the last 3 weeks to ease back into it. My question is how long before incorporating any type of split routine?

What is wrong with the total body routine you are doing???

Just curious.

If you just want to do a split go for it I suppose. No real differenec you can ease into things either way IMO


I don’t think there’s any relation between the use of split routine and the time you’re in the iron game. I personnaly had better results with full body routines and lower/upper body stuff.

What is wrong with the total body routine you are doing???

I just didn’t feel like I could give 100% to all the body parts. After I posted this I have been doing an upper/lower body split and have liked it so far. Able to maintain more intensity and focus.

Before, I would put so much into lower body that I didn’t have much left to do upper. If I did upper first I didn’t feel like I have enough left to really give the lower a workout.

Thanks for the replies though. I’m trying to find that groove where I can get enough stimulation to grow without just overtraining or burning myself out.

I change my routine every 3-4 weeks. I have found the best success with the following:

Whole Body Workouts:when my reps are in the 3-5 range, and i am working on max strength/power

Upper Horizontal/Quad Dominant/Upper Vertical/Hip Dominant: CT talked about this split, and I have found it very effective. Especially when working with a lot of intenstiy techniques, higher volumes, and rep ranges 6-12

Push/Pull/Legs: I have usedt his where i will workout 4-5 days a week, roatining. So Each week looks different. This also works best with me for higher volumes, higher rep ranges.

Everyone’s is different, and will respond to training differently. I know folks who have had great success with 1 body part a week training, and others who had great success with whole body 3x a week. I do best in the middle, with moderate volume/moderate frequency.

Keep accurate records so you can learn what works best for you. Look to the work of CT and CW - both have great programs on this site that will help guide you on what will work best for your body.

Doing full body but alternating which major group you do first has worked well for me. For instance, day 1 I do squats first, day 2 I do bench first, and day 3 I do chins first. I am about to start the WM, which incorporates that very idea, it seems.