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How Long Before Testing/Changing AI Dose?

Hey everyone! Recently started back up on Arimidex after lowering my T dose did not bring my estrogen down, it’s sitting at around 50pg/ml. I wasn’t on an AI long enough to properly flesh out my dosage last time and took 0.25mg twice a week (I usually over respond to seemingly everything) but didn’t feel much different. I’ve now been taking 0.5mg twice a week the morning after my Test E for a week and a half but again don’t feel much different besides a decrease in libido (not that I really had any before) and some more emotional stability, I was all over the place involuntarily crying over “the voice” auditions :joy:. There was a point however just after starting I felt better and started getting morning erections a day or so after my first dose but might have gone past that and now its too low? How long should it take for the Arimidex to provide noticeable symptoms one way or the other and how long should I wait before getting tested again and modifying the dose accordingly?


It won’t. You don’t need an AI. My E2 is higher than 50 and I have zero symptoms. The difference between the two of us is that my T levels are probably significantly higher than yours. You don’t lower your dose when you have symptoms, you raise them until your symptoms resolve.

Oh sorry I’m just doing what the doctors told me to do, they said my test came back way too high at 70nmol/L (double the max ref range) and said on a lower dose of test less is available to be aromatized to estrogen. I’ve also had some really sore nipples and struggle with urinating. I was told that this is from my estrogen being too high?

Ask him to provide you with evidence that E2 causes harm. There is none. E2 is critical to your health. You have a doctor who isn’t caught up with the current literature. The guys here will say you need to block E2. It’s not true. It simply isn’t.

What were your numbers? What is your dose? What was your dose? Maybe you need to increase the dose at this point. Maybe you don’t need the AI. Definitely we need a little more information.