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How Long Before Newbie Gains Slow Down?

Just out of curiousity how long does one roughly have before newbie gains start to slow down. I understand this might vary from person to person but does anyone know the rough average.

It’s more or less a relative term for when you stop seeing a constant increase in either weight or muscle. When I started lifting, I went from like nothing on bench to 135 in a matter of weeks. Sadly, then it started taking a little more time to add to the bar.

Mark Rippetoe says the novice phase usually last from 3-9 months. During that time, the trainee is far from genetic potential and can increase the weight every workout. When you cant do this any more, your newbie gains days are over. At least thats from what I understand.

I stopped my beginner gains about 4 months after I started training.

A lot of it depends on your workout, nutrition, genetics.

It was nice to up my bench about 10 or more lbs. a month, but it doesn’t happen that fast anymore.

I guess I’m in weening days of the “newbie phase”. I started Starting Strength in June and have doing in since. My bench started slowing about a month ago… giving me about 5 weeks of growth. This wasn’t unexpected, though, because prior to working out correctly (after finding T-Nation), I had just done dumbbell work and some bench for a couple months before.

Squats are still moving up, but not as quickly. Up to 260 for 3x5 now, but it’s rough.

I’d say a three-month period is probably about right, at least for me. My bench added about 70lbs, my squat about 100lbs.

Likely it’s relative to the muscle groups, too. I never worked legs initially (being the stereotypical ignorant teenager) and now that I’ve begun, strength is increasing rapidly in comparison to what it will once my body is accustomed to such.

Yeah i started lifting seriously about 9 months ago and gained 9 pounds LBM in 3 months. Sadly i just got another BF% test to see where my LBM is at now and it was depressing to see such a drop in rate from what i had gained before. I was still going up pretty quickly in strength tho. So i guess thats good

3 months or so seemed to be where my gains slowed down, for my deadlift and bench. However, my squat continued to go up. But then again, I’m built for squats, so that may have something to do with it.