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How Long Before Napping?


If i want to take a nap in the middle of the day how should i wait after eating. I assume it's not good to nap right after eating.

also that duration would depend on the amount of carbs eaten in the meal too right?


During the weekends I usually lift in the morning, drink a Surge right afterwards, eat a big meal 45 minutes after that, and take a 20-40 minute nap about 30 minutes after my meal.

Feels good to sleep on a full stomach.


yea its nice to nap after eating but isnt that bad? wouldnt you gain more fat if you ate a big meal and then just went to sleep?


why? I hate this logic. Your body is repairing big time when you're sleeping, and really a nap isn't even that long.

Assuming you're eating quality food, training hard and not looking to cut weight I wouldn't hesitate to eat a large meal before bed.


^Agreed, its a nap, not a hibernation.


Even if the "perfect" answer existed (and it almost never does), who even has the time and inclination to put it into practice consistently?


oh well i assumed it wouldn't be good to just eat and go to sleep but i guess not


I would recommend waitng at lesat an hour.
I wait an hour myself, if not I get indigestion.

In Countries like Saudi Arabia a lot of people get fat as they go straight to bed after lunch for a nap and also eat very late at night.

In Spain and Italy they wait and people are much healthier and slimmer there.

-Just something to ponder