How Long Before I Could Reach This Level? (Pics Included)

This is my current physique

The reason i chose this goal is because ronaldo is lagging lower abs just like me

How bad do you want it? You need to be consistent with:

You need to be consistent for years. The more those 3 are dialed into your goals, the faster you will get there.

As long as it takes, and not a day more or less.

What will you do with the answer to this question?


Thanks right now im at 14 percent body fat whilst ronaldo is at 8 percent body fat i would like to know what move i need to make next i just did a cut where i lost 30 pounds tried my best to keep muscle loss at minimum so my cut took long now im going on lean bulk to build some more mass

He is not lacking lower abs. He is not eight percent.

You are not lacking lower abs. You’re simply not lean enough for a six pack and don’t have much mass generally, abdominals included.

Likely you will not look like him but you can get a good physique in two or three years.


Also we have no clue what your next move should be considering we don’t know what you’re doing now.

You can start by reading some of the thousands of nutrition and training articles on this site.


I could see some of my abs though forgive my ignorence but when you say abs what do you mean

I dont mean to sound arrogant im confused do you mean abs due to low bf or the abs muscle i could see my abs though maybe not defined

What’s your height and current weight?

I don’t know how you even figure out where to start with a thread like this. Good luck Chris.


You are more in the 20%+ body fat range. Your abdominal “definition” is just shadowing from your choice of lighting. Getting to look like a professional athlete who also models will take years of hard work and discipline in various aspects, while also having some natural/genetic gifts.

Im sorry to be blunt, but I wish people would have been more truthful with me about my shortcomings and weaknesses through my upbringing. It could have saved me a lot of trouble.


So you want to look like footballs biggest metrosexual.

Copious amounts of Herbalife topped off with some ‘gentleman’s gel’ should help you achieve your goals

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Ive just seen some of your comments and youre quite the dick to put it bluntly

Hating on a man which you probably wished you looked like and your wife probably fingerbangs herself to does not amount half the butthurt in your comment

Yeah, honesty sometimes gives that impression. I wish you luck and success with your goals though! Having my feelings hurt from someone being overly honest motivates me hugely. I’m sorry if it doesn’t do the same for you.

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seriously? Dude, Brady wasn’t even a dick in THIS thread. What did he say that offended you here? I thought his sentiment was honest and accurate. He was giving you advice that he wished had been given to him. Seems nice enough to me. This attitude will get you nowhere, friendo.


Bring someone with 20 percent body fat plus lighting and show me their abs then

Here’s me a few weeks ago with horizontal lighting (i.e. less advantageous shadows) in the 13-15% body fat range.


why does it matter if he says you have 20 percent fat vs 14? what difference does it make? His opinion of what your bodyfat percentage is will not change your appearance or your body composition. It’s just an honest observation on his part. If I had to guess, I would say you’re almost certainly in the 15-25 percent range. I’d have to see a better picture to try to guess more accurately than that, but he’s not far off.


Here’s a rough estimate for body fat percentages. You look to maybe fall into that last category at best.

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