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How Long before cutting

Hey guys, I know this has probably been covered, but ive looked and I cant find a good response. Ive just done 2 weeks mag 10, 2 off, now im just finishing 2 weeks back on. whats the minimum amount of time I have to eat maintainance cals with tribex (no M) before i can go on t-dawg diet and try to get real lean. Im using 5 X 5 in the “off” weeks.
Also with maintaince cals, is it still importantant to keep carbs high?

2 weeks on 2 weeks off 2 weeks back on…what did you gain? What dose did you take?


I took normal doasage, made good gains in size strength and weight however I may have had a curse put on me at some stage whereby I still look far worse than most people wearker smaller and fatter than me. but im used to it now. BUMP

This, like any aspect of diet, is very specific to the individual in question. Your body would react to a change in diet different than mine.

That being said, I can offer that it seems you should allow your body roughly a month, maybe more, to adapt to it's new metabolic set point; therefore it would be best to keep your calories at maintenance for that long.

As for carbs, you do not need to take in the massive amount you were taking in during your Mag-10 cycles, but for a week or so you should keep them on the high side. You will be able to start dropping them slowly after that, as long as you keep your overall caloric balance on the positive side.

Generally speaking, after coming off an androgen, you want to avoid any drastic changes to your diet. Slow transitons are the way to go. I know you're eager to get the fat off, but if you push for too much too quickly, you're likely to lose a bit of the Mag-10 gotten muscle.

Hope this helps.

Cheers John, I hear what your saying, i gotta calm down. If Im following 5 X 5 can Iput in some cardi to assist with fat loss? wihle slowly dropping the carbs? reason is that im going on an unplanned “holiday” for 3 weeks almost straight away after my “off” time and its goiong to be hell following a huge eating program, which is why I was going to look to a fat loss program which i need anyway

Yes, I would definitely add cardio, for two reasons:

1) It will facilitate in overall fat loss, which seems to be your goal.

2) It will help to increase insulin sensitivity. This will be beneficial, because, bereft of the anabolic aid the andrgoen afforded you, the carbs you take in now will be much more likely to be stored as fat. Increasing insulin sensitivity is one way of increasing to amount of carbs get used to fill glycogen stores, and decreasing the amount which will be stored as fat.

Hope this helps.