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How Long Before Catabolization Becomes Problem?

I’m currently sick and damned if I can keep anything down. I’ve been living off of Berardi’s Berry protein shakes for the past couple days and want to head over to MMA class tonight before I go nuts.

So, I’m wondering, exactly how quickly does catabolism start up and how quickly does it become a problem? If I haven’t eaten anyting substantial in three days, should I be concerned about potential muscle loss and avoid heading to class, or should I just do my best and not worry?



If you truly cannot keep food down, then I think you’re S.O.L. until you get through what you’ve got. Concentrate on getting well, and then get back into the game.

If the illness doesn’t last more than a few days, you’ll be able to recover fairly quickly. A couple days of decent eating and you probably won’t even feel like you’ve been sick.

Find SOMETHING yopu can stomach even if its crap. Hell sugar water SOMETING. Just some k/cals of anyform will help.

Then like above said get back to it when you can