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How Long Before Cals Turn to FAT?


I've always wondered, how long does it take before excess calories turn into actual fat in the belly (and all over). This last month I went off my diet ate whatever, drank whatever, but continued to workout as usual. Put on 7lb in 5 weeks( 5lb fat, 2lb lean mass).

Anyway, for instance, if I were to eat 10,000 calories, in excess, over a weekend(assuming 3500k equals a pound of fat)then continued usual diet and exercise, How long would it take for that 3+lbs of fat to accumulate into tangible blubber on body? Thanks-Rob


This is different for everyone. There are many circumstances and factors that determine this.

How do you know the exact breakdown between muscle and fat?

Looks like you are looking for a reason to cheat. Just because you eat 3500K above maintenance does not mean your body will necessarily store 1lb of fat. Like I said there are numerous factors involved. If you want to eat that much extra, for whatever reason, make some good use out of it and train hard. Maybe you can actually add some more muscle.


I remember a nutritionist once telling me...a minute on the lips and a lifetime on the hips...I hope that's the explanation you were looking for.


Basically as soon as the fat/carb or protein molecules hit the bloodstream at which point the hormonal signaling pathways are activated and cells turn from a catabolic to an anabolic pathway. Once its in the bloodstream, its not going out again so it therefore means it will be accumulated or burned.

As for being fully intergrated into your fat cells, a few hours after absorption should be more than enough for food to enter your tubby ass.



exactly .3 seconds for tangible blubber...

.432 seconds for semi-tangible lard...

and .64 for non-tangible flab...

all of these time were confirmed in a double blind study using a state of the art corpulent-o-scope calibrated to one trillionth of a second...


I don't think I'll ever be able to look at "bad" food ever again w/out thinking of this...


Good post. Basically, to gain a pound of fat, millions of your fat cells are gaining whatever infinitesimal amount of volume, so you can basically assume that it's a immediate process. The trick is to get your body to convert the extra cals to muscle or heal/turnover other body tissue rather than storing them as fat.