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How Long Before Bumping Calories Up?


Right now I'm eating 3700 calories on workout days, 3100 on off days. By doing this, I have been able to gain about a lb every 2 weeks, or 2lbs a month. I just pinned on Friday, beginning of first cycle. How long should I wait before bumping my calories up. It's 750mg of test enanthate a week, with the first week frontloaded.


Don't wait. Do it now. Restricting your calories on cycle is counterproductive. You need a huge caloric and protein surplus to make the most of the drugs' effects. Yeah, you're going to put on a little fat, but from your pic you are pretty lean. You're never gonna bulk effectively if you worry about losing your abs. The fat comes off later, don't worry about it...


I was planning to bump calories to 5000 a day and protein from 200g to 300g, but didn't know if i should wait a week or so since it takes a few weeks for enanthate to kick in....


do it now, its sometimes tough for me to abrubtly ad several thousand calories to my diet. i dont know about you...


bump those calories now... the test and extra muscle with help melt it off later in cycle.


I have no issues bumping the calories. Steel cut oats is my best friend. easily eat 2 cups a day and boom 1200 extra calories.