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How Long Before Balls Come Back?


i am on TRT
100mg T per week.
1 mg anastrozole, in .25mg doses, per week
almost immediatly after i started T, ( 8 weeks ago ), balls started hugging close to the body and sack pulled up. looks like i am 12 not 50.
i started some HCG today, 250iu first injection, plan on EOD and the see how things are.
my question:
how long before the HCG has any effect of testicles?
this T has been terrific, would like to try higher dose, but the shrinkage thing is the pits.


Dunno! A little over 60 here, went on hcg over a month ago, not hurting, not helping so far.

Let us know how its working for you!


Hard to say, everyone is different. I would give it a week or two minimum.