How Long Before Arimidex Starts Working?

I started on 1mg every week in two seprate doses. I am on 200mg test cyp every week. It has been working fine for the last year and a half. However last blood test showed testosterone at 950 and estrogen at 50. I am 30 and in good shape I have noticed some water retiention and fat around belly and sides. So I finally convinced my doc to try arimidex to treat the estrogen. where I live doctors are alittle behind on hormone replacement, but I have a doctor that is very willing. How long until I start feeling better and seeing results? Thanks guys any info is much appreicated

Usually takes 2 weeks to build up in your system I believe.

Thanks smallville I appreicate it.

Hey guys one more question about arimidex. I have read that it can also helps with infertiliy. I was found to have zero sperm and the endo and uroligist thought is was hormonal. The uroligist did exploritory surgury and found zero gem cells. At the time I had higher estrogen then testosterone. They treated the testosterone and did nothing for the high estrogen until now. Have any of you had similar or know of anyone that has had similar experiance? Do you think it might help sperm production?

Because of the lack of LH/FSH being produced in the body over the last 1-1/2 years to stimulate the testes, sperm production is very unlikely. But hey, anything is possible.
As far as your estrogen level being high; (25) in theory if you double your adex dosage, (2mg’s week) you will halve your E2 level, and 25 is a good place for most of us men.

You have none of the “over responder” problems, so increasing your adex dosage should help with both a reduction in E2 and a slight increase in T.

why not use hcg to see if it increases your sperm count?

I have used it when I first found out about my infertility. It made me feel like crap. All though I was not using test cyp and arimidex at the time. What would you suggest for dosing hcg. I currently have a bunch left over. Will it help or neg… effect my trt?

What dose did you use before? HCG raises estrogen so that might have made you feel wore if your’s was high already. It’s usually started after T dosing to keep your gonads working.

If you’re still doing 200mg T cyp a week then take 250 of hcg the first and second day before your shot. That way the hcg gives your T a bump during the end of the week when your T cyp blood levels are declining.

So if T cyp shot is on sunday…

fri - 250 hcg
sat 250 hcg
sun T shot

Fyi, if your shot protocol changes from once a week your hcg shot schedule should change also. This is only if you’re doing weekly T shots.

If E2=50 and with a target of E2=22, new dose is old dose * 50/22 = 1* 50/22 = 2.27 mg/wk

Rule of thumb: 1mg/wk per 100mg/week T cyp/eth.

With weekly injections and anastrozole twice a week, T and E levels are all over the map and we need to wonder about the value of a lab that captures a single point in time.

The concept of bumping T with hCG once a week is really not very effective.

I can’t rememer what the dose of hcg was. but the fact that is raises E levels make alot of sence now. Thanks guys you have realy helped.