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How Long Before Adding Calories to Bulk?


Hey folks,
I have spent the last little while trying to drop some body fat and lean out a little bit. My starting weight was 190lbs @ 6’ tall and I am down to about 178lbs currently. My body fat is just a guesstimate at best as I don’t have calipers and have not gotten it professionally checked, not looking to get stage ready or anything just want to be in good shape and look good without a shirt on lol. Best guesstimate though I would say 13-15%. I was consuming a deficit of 2200-2300 calories per day at roughly a split of 220/220/49 p/c/f. It got to the point to where I was maintaining at these numbers for about 3 weeks so I decided I would try to start putting on some mass. I bumped up my numbers to 2800-2900 at about 200/340/80 p/c/f over the last 9 days my average daily intake is 2882 calories per day and I am still at 178. So to my question finally, how long should I maintain my current numbers before increasing them? When I increase, I should only increase carbs, correct? I would like to get up to the 190-195lb range. I am currently doing a pull/push routine.
Day1 - heavy pull
Day 2 - heavy push
Day 3 - loaded carries and sprints
Day 4 - moderate pull
Day 5 - moderate push
Thanks for any help