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How Long Before a Workout Should I Eat Tuna? Should I Mix it w/ Carb?

Should it be 1 o 2 hours before a workout. Can one eat the tuna alone or should one mix it with 1 or 2 slices of bread?
The purpose of my question is to to avoid throwing up during training!

It won’t matter much.

Eat the bread if you’re trying to get stronger I guess.

Don’t eat the bread if you’re trying to get leaner.

If something works for you, keep doing it. If not, do something else. It’s canned tuna and lifting weights, not rocket science.


Remember so proteins take a little bit longer to digest. You can drink a protein shake 15-30 min before workout. Tuna takes longer. How long before a workout?

If you’re looking to optimize your tuna consumption you’re going to have to wait for someone who is an expert on tuna timing to come along and answer your question.

That’s above my pay grade. I wish you luck in your training and tuning your tuna timing.


I’d say 2hrs. If it’s just straight tuna, 2.5 if you have mayo or olive oil mixed with it, and you should always eat the bread.

It should also be noted that none of this actually matters, and the only reason meal timing is really a factor is to prevent throwing up. Trying to rinse tuna out of your sinuses is a big pain in the ass.


73 minutes before your first rep.



yes ! not before or you won’t gain any strenght or muscle mass

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When you’re starting out and you care more about the finer details than the biggest, leanest guys on the planet…

The correct answer is don’t eat tuna you muggle, it’s disgusting (assuming canned tuna)


God, some tuna is so dry that if you inhale a bit too strongly while eating it winds up in the nose. I’ve blown it out of my nose several times.

Yeah! That light tuna in spring water. The little flakes that break off from the center core are like fibrous chalk.

One poorly timed chuckle and you’re screwed!


Lmfao! Exactly!

You guys have obviously never tried eating protein powder without mixing it with water.