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How Long Are Orals Active?

How long are orals active in the blood? I keep reading about a short half-life, but also that they take a while to kick in.

Two questions,

  1. if I miss a dose or two, does it reset in that it’ll be completely ineffective?

  2. what exactly is effective in the blood? Test? In other words, if I we’re on an oral and tested T, would it come back as 0 or a high number?

The reason I ask is that my last test was a low 90. I need a second test to be considered for TRT under Japanese insurance. The blood draw will be June 13, giving me four weeks to cycle, but I want a six week run.

Run 4 week cycle, test T at 0?
Run 6 week cycle with skipping 1 or 2 doses and test at 0?
Hold off on cycling and test in the 90s again to get TRT first?

Orals don’t take a long time to kick in. Many orals can actually be ‘felt’ the first day. Some effects, like additional water retention, may not be noticeable by the first day, as water retention would be cumulative, but the effects would begin by day 1. It’s not a big deal to miss a dose.

As far as what bloodwork would show, it depends on what oral you’re talking about. Why are you being non-specific? What oral are we talking about?

I can give you an example in the meantime. A few years ago, I ran an epistane-only cycle as my first cycle ever. Ran it for 6 weeks. About a week after my last dose, I got my T tested. It came out at 0. If you want to be SURE that you get TRT, I would stop using the oral a full week before getting tested.


I was unaware that different orals may have different answers; admittingly, I should have assumed this while writing as drug A is not drug B when speaking Pharmaceutics. The oral is Hdrol, a PH.

If that’s your recommendation, maybe I shouldn’t run it as it would only be a 3 week cycle.

Eh. It’s just kind of a judgement call on your part. You’d probably get something out of a 3 week cycle. I mean, if you wanted to, you could run it for 3 weeks, drop it until you get tested, then add it back in for 3 more weeks. That’s basically the same as a 6 week run. Or you could just wait. Either way is fine, not a critical decision here.

Ah, ok. I was under the impression that you couldn’t take a break between.

Thanks man. Always hanging around to help. Appreciate it.