How Long and Often to Use AI?

It seem my E2 goes up even at 50mg per week. How often do you suspect I will have to take this AI if I want to keep E2 in check? It’s not out of control yet, but I can tell it is climbing.

Really no way to know. You need to do some trial and error. Start small, .25mg after your injection, do that for 2-3 weeks then see how you feel and get lab work to match with the feeling. Adjust up or down from there as needed. If you are consistent with it you’ll dial in in a month or so

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It’s hard to imagine anything getting out of hand at 50 mg weekly. You are now thinking about taking an AI on 50 mg weekly all without any lab testing.

If you just started this protocol, you can’t know much of anything until you reach a steady state because there can be all sorts of symptoms when hormones are in flux.


You already got your answers here

Why do you seem insistent on taking an AI when even your provider is doing the right thing (trying to avoid them)?

You havent qualified your comment. E2 GOES up at 50 mg/week relative to what?

What is the baseline you are comparing to?

Poor effort setting up your question for discussion.

Curious what your symptoms are that you think E2 is involved at 50mg per week?

Any blood tests to show what your E2 exactly is even?