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How Long After Stimulating Protein Synthesis Before a Natural Athlete Sees a Detraining Effect?

If after training, a natural athlete stimulates protein synthesis for a 24-36 hour period, and has that time to rebuild damaged tissue and build new tissue, how long after that supercompensation period do they have before they see a detraining effect and start to lose these gains?

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There is a difference between the stoppage of muscle growth and detraining.

Detraining would only start to about 2 weeks after you stop stimulating a muscle.

What happens is that for around 36h after you stimulated a muscle hard enough, the rate of protein synthesis increases significantly above baseline and more than protein degradation. In normal circumstances, protein synthesis and protein breakdown are fairly balanced (although things like chronic cortisol increase can lead to a protein breakdown higher than protein synthesis).

Once your body comes back to that balanced state, you are no longer building muscle. Or if you are, it is at a non-significant rate. But you do not start to lose the muscle you built until after a longer period of de-training.

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hi CT,
what you think about The Nautilus North Study ?
What is the optimal training frequency and.what lessons to be learned from this study ?
thank you

It might suprise you to know that I have not read everything ever written on training :slight_smile: I’ll look it over, but I don’t know what that is

Just looked it over. I don’t put too much stock in that ‘study’… the fact that they reported a 9lbs muscle gain in an individual FROM ONE WORKOUT is dubious, at best. And the group averaging a 3lbs gain in lean mass from ONE workout? Unless there was some serious water retention from the inflammation… common.


Many more well documented studies on Menno Henselmann’s site, people like Eric Helms, Mike Israel, Brad Shoenfeld …


yes,agree with you . may be some body /untrained individual // can gain 5-9 lbs,from ONE workout,but not from EVERY workout. whaterver is the frequency will be used…

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No, you can’t gain 5-9lbs of muscle in one workout even as a beginner.


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