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How Long After Starting Test Cyp Before Testing Bloodwork?

I switched from Testim gel due to very high DHT levels caused by 5-AR enzyme conversion on the skin (levels were 240, range is high above 85). My PSA was increasing and hair loss was occurring.

Started 40mg 2x/week test cyp subQ. I have done three shots (Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday). Erections are gone and (I know TMI), my bowel movements are indicative of my body attempting to dump excess estrogen. I found a lab that uses Quest that will do a free-T, total-T and estradiol for $89. I want to go this route and go every few weeks and get on Armidex if required (my doctor is very good and okay with this). I will get labs at the doctor’s office once I feel I am normalized in terms of total T, free T, and estradiol. Then I will get these same labs repeated with SHBG, DHT, and PSA added.

How long before I should do my first test, and how should I time the test? Day of shot, two days after shot, both to get a trough and peak?

Remember this is subQ and not IM.

Thanks all.

Normal is 6 weeks, that’s when levels become stable. Method of injection is irrelevant to this.

So even I am having ED issues possibly due to high E2, it would not make sense to get levels measured now (at least E2) and go on Arimidex? Or is it just better to wait 6 weeks? Thanks again.

It might be interesting to know your levels right now, but they are going to change quite a lot. You don’t want to make protocol changes based on the first three shots, you have to see what the body does as it adjusts. Unfortunately, the best thing to do is just ride it out for a while.

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