How Long After PCT Can I Expect to Be Back to "Normal"?

I finished my first ever cycle of about 10 weeks…Did TRT with Nebido for a couple months before that.

5 weeks of PCT with Nolvadex was completed about a week ago.

On average, how long does it take for a healthy male to go back to “Normal” ?

Also, anybody with ED symptoms…how long to go back to “Normal” lol

I’m actually just off pct after a three month test cycle coming off early (I was going to do something else but decided to come off early because my gyms closed)
I finished pct a week ago.

Right now I don’t have Ed but I do have a lower sex drive. I didn’t notice in the past couple cycles because I wasn’t around my gf as I came off (worked in oilfield) so I didn’t even notice if I wanted to get busy or not.

As for waking up ready to go… I do full time now but didn’t during pct. During pct I didn’t feel like having sex and it took some effort most times. I’m 29 now and its my 6th cycle. I’m thinking my libido and hormones are just starting to rebound slower myself

Not sure what time you’ll take but if your older, or cycled alot in the past. I’m sure it gets less easy to rebound in a noticeable way.

The nolvadex in the past has helped keep my TT higher than my baseline for a bit after finishing PCT. I feel like I drop back to ACTUAL normal 8-12 weeks after finishing PCT.

Are you in TRT now? If you are then PCT isn’t required

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That fits well with the half life of tamoxifen

no i am not on TRT…