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How Long After Last Deca Shot Can You Start Tren Ace?


I have a friend who’s running Test and Deca at the moment, we’re actually running it together, but he wants to switch and try Tren Ace.

How long should he wait before switching over? I assume that you need to wait a while after last deca shot to avoid side effects/blood problems? His supplier said he can just switch right away but I said that doesn’t seem like a good idea.

He could probably switch right away tbh. I assume he’s using cabergoline to keep prolactin in check? He should continue doing that on tren, or at least have it on hand.

It’s not uncommon to run test, deca, and tren all together in the bodybuilding community. I’ve seen guys run more than a gram of each all at once + orals. Not that I’m recommending that, but it’s not going to just kill you or cause any acute damage. Steroids are more like smoking cigarettes, than doing heroine…

What are the doses?