How Long after HCG Does T Return to Normal?

Hi, I have come of testosterone due to low sperm count, and have been doing just hcg for last three weeks, but I want to take this opportunity to find out what my baseline T level is currently…How many days before blood test would I need to stop the hcg injections for, in order for the hcg not to effect the result? Any info much appreciated. Thanks

You should be on HCG+FSH injections because HCG causes HTPA suppression. It could take months to regain sperm production. I don’t understand why your doctor didn’t just prescribe HCG+FSH injections while on TRT, this may have been enough to jumpstart sperm production.

I just stopped TRT cold turkey at the end of April and my natural production returned fairly quickly and was able to get baseline LH and FSH would I didn’t have tested originally. Clomid can restart your system as well which could have been used to jumpstart you HPTA and get sperm production going again.

I would look up the halflife of HCG. Double that and there should not be very much HCG left in your system. Know one can tell you when or even if your T and sperm count will return to your natty state.