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How long after diet to use MAG-10?

I’m currently on the T-dawg diet for one more week then I will work my way back to maintenance cals. I’m eating about 1800 cals. right now and was going to bump it up to about 2200 after next week then back to maintenance at 2500 the following week. Does this look like a good plan? I also plan on doing a Mag-10 cycle eating 3500 cals. Would it be to soon to start a cycle 3 weeks out of a diet. I am a fat hardgainer and put on fat pretty quick if I don’t watch it. My stats are 5’7 163 and about 12% bodyfat.


I don’t think there’s any issue at all
of needing to wait after a diet to
start a MAG-10 or other androgen cycle.