How Long After Cycle For Cutting?

Currently I’m on a primo/test/mast cycle for 10 weeks, after which I will be doing a test taper for another 10 weeks. My question is how long I should wait to start dieting down after the end of my cycle? Should I wait till after doing the whole test taper, or would the small amount of exogenous test is the taper be enough to support my new muscle gains while in a hypocaloric state?

I guess a third option would be just to do a cutting cycle after the test taper, anyhow I wanted to hear everyone’s opinions. Thanks!

I have been told by those older and wiser to wait at least 2-3 months after the end of the cycle to start cutting or you lose a lot of the gains.


BTW - how did you make out on the cycle. I remember you posting before you did it and it was almost the same cycle I did for my first.

Hey, thanks for the reply FG, actually I’m still on it! Just finished week 4, up about 8 lbs so far. Strength is also up. I have been eating pretty clean to try and make sure the gains are quality. I have been keeping a journal and will post when I finish.

i have done a very nice test+mast+prop cycle last spring. I have waited until this november before cutting down.

[quote]cadav wrote:
i have done a very nice test+mast+prop cycle last spring. I have waited until this november before cutting down.[/quote]

Would you mind sharing with me how it went? How many pounds did you gain/keep? What type of sides, if any did you experience? I know that the Primo doesn’t aromatize, which is nice, and acts synergistically with the test and masteron. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this stack, apart from the cost that is :slight_smile: One last thing, would you think there would be a lower incidence of acne on this stack? Thanks!


To second the opinion of Furious George, or rather, stamp it as a fact, wait as long as your cycle was after you finish pct/taper, so 3 months from last clomid/nolva or inj whichever.

You may notice slightly more fat gain after your cycle has ended - not estrogen related, but simply a drop in the metabolic rate from which your cycle boosted.
This is not to worry as white fat cells (new ones) rapidly dissapear


Thanks testanabol, I’ll do it! The thing is, when you are fairly new to this like me, that type of knowledge isn’t really included in many of the newbie threads and primers, even having done a ton of reading and research on the subject. I guess one way to speed the process would be to do the cycle, then taper, then cutting cycle directly afterwards.

As far as fat gain goes, I would imagine that would be largely due to the lack of active cortisol suppression induced by the exogenous test. Of course, that might be slightly mitigated by the reduced water retention from being “off” so the net visual affect might be zero…

I cut weight for a judo tournament 3-4 weeks into my PCT/taper, and I felt like SHIT afterwards. Up until that point I’d kept all my strength/size (230 lbs.) but after cutting down to 220 lbs. and fighting, my body wasn’t able to recover worth a crap. It took another 2 weeks before I wasn’t sore and felt ok. After my PCT was done I levelled out around 225 lbs. but with more fat on me. I feel that I’d have been able to keep most of my gains had I not cut weight/competed when my body needed me to go easier on it.

I’m going to agree with everyone here who’s posted so far, and say wait 2-3 months after your PCT is over before cutting. Maybe 3 months strength/bulk-cycle, followed by 3 months of PCT, then 3 months cutting cycle?