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How Long After Cortisone to Lift

I just got a cortisone injection in my knee yesterday. I did squats for 5x10 today. Was that a bad idea? It feels weird…

I had a cortisone shot in my wrist on Saturday, did dips on Monday and bench on Wednesday.

The doc will say to leave 7 to 10 days before putting that area/joint under stress, but that’s just overcaution IMO.

If it’s just inflammation, the cortisone won’t be healing you, irrespective of whether your using that part of your body or not. All it’s doing is easing the pain.

My idea is to wait until you can no longer see the fluid under the skin (usually a day or two), and then you’ll be fine.

My doc told me three days after getting shots in my knees. Mine were a bit stiff at first but by day three they were fine. If it feels weird, you might have rushed it.