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How Long After Being Sick?


How long after getting sick is it ok to hit the weights? I was vomiting sick for a day or two; Now I feel a little better but am still weak.
I haven't eaten in two days and it's killing me because of how hard I've been working with my diet and at the gym!

But I don't want to start too early and get sick again immediately. Is it ok to start after just a day or two or do I need to wait a week?


You've got to be kidding!!! This may be the worst question every posted on this site. It's the flu, not a major medical issue. Give it a try, if it doesn't work stop, if you feel good keep going. Remember to exhale after you inhale. There is a saying "Better to remain quiet and appear a fool than to open your mouth (type) and remove any doubt".


chill out, man.It really wasnt that bad of a question.


Seems like an OK question...

Rest is definitely a good thing for the body especially when it's sick. Keep in mind that too much rest of course will make you fall back in your training. This is just me but what I usually do is maybe take three days off in a row...no more than that...then if I'm not 100% by the fourth day I still get into the gym and start doing my regular routing but in what I call "maintenance mode". Less weight, less intensity, perfect form, higher reps, still in the gym.


Please reread, "Better to remain quiet and appear a fool than to open your mouth (type) and remove any doubt", as it now also applies to you.

The question and replies remind me of Billy Madison. To paraphrase... At no time during your incoherent ramblings did you form a complete thought, we are all dumber for having listened to you, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul


Thanks for the constructive criticism, 74. Your insights and wisdom have been very helpful.


Insight and wisdom are definitely lacking where you are concerned if you need to ask this question, along with basic common sense. Do you think there is some magic time frame, formula, or "flu codex" that you could follow for return to lifting? Do you really need to have someone play "mom" for you and tell you when it is OK to workout? Do you really need to have someone hold your hand through the most basic of life's events? The world is slowly becoming a very stupid place to exist.

Just to tackle a future question that you will probably also need answered...Don't forget that if you live in the Midwest or Northeast that it is starting to get cold out so remember to wear your hat, jacket, and gloves.


At the least, I'd wait until you can eat properly.

Once your intake is in order, and you've 'fueled the machine', go to the gym.

Take it easy. Just feel your way through. A fun, light workout.

If you come out of it okay, feel good the next day and are keen to go back, then you're ready to start pushing it.

Just don't go back and hit your old max weights first things, that's a lot of stress to put your body under if it's still recovering from illness. Take it easy, gradually amp up the intensity and you'll be back where you were in no time.


You might want to consider your own lack of medical wisdom, since when does the flu cause vomiting? Usually it is headaches, fever, sore throat etc, not vomiting. I would think that vomiting is caused by some sort of gastro-intestinal bug. I'm willing to be corrected by someone who knows more about the flu than me, but I've never heard of it causing vomiting.

I think it was a legitimate question. Overtraining is a common occurence with people who are keen on lifting weights and don't want to stop training, and the danger of this occurring is magnified when the body is sick. All the guy was asking was how long would be a reasonable amount of rest before getting back into training. He's trying to take care of himself and you have to criticise him whilst offerring no useful advice whatsoever.

The whole point of these forums is to learn from each other and give advice. Maybe this is the first time he has been seriously ill whilst training? If he wants to ask how long he should wait before resuming what is the harm in that? Especially if he could do more harm by pushing his body too far and make his illness even worse.

For the original poster, I came down with a fever and head cold myself a few weeks ago, nothing too serious, but I rested for a few more days than normal and was fine. I felt that if I did push things it could have made things worse. You won't lose too many gains by resting, your body could be telling you to stop for a little while as well.


You might want to check out the shoulder thread about the Mom who needs help. My "medical wisdom" was right on track but no one seemed to believe me until Dr. Ryan agreed and all of a sudden that thread was dead. Everyone wants 100 opinions on basic shit.

The medical professional that is needed for this post is an OB/GYN because you have to be a pussy to ask a question about "when do I return to working out" because I am a dumb son of a bitch and my mommy isn't around to tell me what to do.

Another piece of wisdom for those of you who can't make any decisions without mommy is...with the coming of winter, don't eat yellow snow, it's not a flavor ice.


You're a dickhead. If you can't contribute, don't post. Letting us know how good you think you are is NOT a contribution.


You are a stupid fuck. I wasn't letting you know how good I think I am for my benefit or to stroke my ego. I was letting you know because bg100 questioned my "medical wisdom". And when I originally spoke of the flu I was referencing stomach flu.

I read this site and am amazed at the level of intellligence put into articles and floored by the stupidity put into the majority of the threads.

By the way...I coughed 10 times today and I feel weak, when should I return to weight training?


74, here's a couple of ideas:

  1. If you don't like the forums because they lack enough intelligence for you, don't fucking read them.

  2. If you think someone is ignorant and asking a stupid question, answer it for them, then, next time they'll know. Wow now you've done something to help fix the problem of stupidity.

  3. Don't flame people for asking questions just because you think they're dumb. Maybe we don't all have your amazing medical wisdom, are you a doctor by the way? I'd hate to send my kids to you...

Parent: "So Doc, is my kid gonna be ok?"
74: "What the fuck? They're vomiting, feverish, sneezing, coughing, and feel like shit. It's just the fucking flu you retard. Why'd you even bring them in here, I only help people with serious medical maladies. Fuck off, take your kids to the gym!"

I agree with you that there is often times a lot of ignorance and stupidity on some of these forums. Ignorance I can deal with, asking questions, even relatively dumb ones, is how we learn. But if you're looking to decrease the amount of stupidity availible on T-Nation there's one simple way to do it... STOP POSTING!!!

To the original poster. I often ask myself the same question about exercise and training. I've read research saying exercise will raise your body temp and help fight off any further sickness and I've also read articles stating that exercise will waste energy that could be better directed towards fighting off the sickness. When it comes down to it you really have to just decide how you feel and take it easy for a workout or two before jumping back into the full swing of things. Good luck.



Well, why didn't you say "stomach" flu in the first place? Including the right details usually helps in getting your point across....


My apologies.


Who is talking about kids? Is this a child posting on this thread? I think not. Although, the question is quite childish.

I am trying to make the point throughout my replies that you shouldn't need someone to hold your hand to make decisions concerning life's little problems. Do you really have to get a consensus vote on when is the right time to return to weight training after an illness?

This isn't cancer or major surgery it's the flu. To paraphrase Allen Iverson.. we talkin' bout da flu, not surgery, we talkin' bout da flu


You're a tool.

You need to take some of your own advice about "Better to remain quiet and appear a fool than to open your mouth (type) and remove any doubt".

I think you removed all doubt about yourself.

Get a clue.


You're a tool? Where do I need to get a clue? Where in any of my replies have I not stated the truth? Please explain how I need to get a clue. Is someone that stupid that they can't figure out the proper progression to return to weight training after an illness. Maybe Waterbury or Thibs can write an article for all of you who can't seem to think on your own.


I agree with the other's that you are coming across as an assclown, but this part about the OB/GYN was pretty damn funny, I laughed aloud.

I do agree that someone should have the common sense to not workout if they are sick, and when they feel better, start slowly. Gee fucking whiz, could it be that damn simple????

Many on here(noobs especially) just need to be told what to do because they lack the ability to trust their instincts, because they don't have any. They are too wrapped up in religiously sticking to a program, or a diet, or whatever to actually think for themselves.


Here is a wise individual.