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How Liver Toxic?

About to commence a cycle of liver-toxic orals.
Yep orals only for six weeks.

So: How does one determine which oral steroids are the most toxic? what makes one oral steroid more toxic than another?

From what I’ve learned only oral primo is not 17-alkylated, but anadrol, dianabol, winstrol, tbol, anavar, halo, etc are all 17-alkylated.

Among these, is it just the mg dosage commonly used to get the desired effect that makes some more toxic than others? Or are there oter factors involved?

Anadrol is typically dosed much higher than dbol for instance. Is that the only reason drol is regarded as more toxic?

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Damn good question i wish i could answer that.

Any who i’ll be checking back and hopefully some one can elaborate!!

I do agree with altered though for such a hefty cycle of orals blood work should be a must.

The Judge

[quote]AlteredState wrote:
Bloodwork dude. That’s the ONLY way to assess your individual susceptibility to liver stress.[/quote]

Yes, but I was not asking about my individual results, but rather in more general terms. What separates one alkylated oral steroid from another with regards to how toxic they are?

a complete liver enzyme panel. correction: pulling a complete liver enzyme panel while on a cycle of each different kind of oral.

no one knows?

[quote]balisong wrote:
no one knows?[/quote]

don’t quote me on this, I’m far from a chemist…

I think it has to do with where the methyl group attaches in the chemical structure.

Sorry man, that’s all I got and it could be wrong.

You could maybe start by looking up the chemical structures of the compounds and researching how the structure of a compound acts differently.

for example, the difference between “cis” and “trans” fats. Same components in each structure, but structured differently and they have completely different responses with the body.

hope that helps


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Good as theory as i’ve heard anyway! :slight_smile:

But halo is supposed to be very toxic too? And causes very little bloat?

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