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How Liberal is Our Military?


"While liberals have managed to worm themselves into every important institution in America, from the public schools to the CIA to charitable foundations, they are shamefully absent from the military.

As noted in that great book that came out this week, "If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans":

"According to a Military Times survey taken in September 2004, active-duty military personnel preferred President Bush to Kerry by about 73 percent to 18 percent. Sixty percent describe themselves as Republican and less than 10 percent call themselves Democrat (the same 10 percent that MSNBC has on its speed-dial). Even among the veterans, Republicans outnumber Democrats 46 percent to 22 percent."
--- Ann Coulter



Quoting Ann again?

It's like stealing medicine from a baby.


maybe democrats don't want to fight your oil mongering war?


They sure as shit don't have a problem burning that oil though do they?



On that ABC "Ron Paul" special, the anchor claims Paul got more donations from the military personnel than any other Republican candidate. That's gotta be a clue.


Yes, but again, it could be a clue that the men who joined up to fight for freedom and swore an oath to the Constitution are the ones most likely to vote for a guy that doesn't wipe his ass with it. I'm certain some of it is Iraq related, but I think it's presumptious to think it's all an Iraq thing.



Um, they could, like, buy it at a gas station?

If you think the US needs to buy oil, how much do you think the Saudis do need to sell it?

4000 or so princes going back to living in tents?

No more cocain, truffels and Skandinavian hookers?

Without oil the while economic output of the ME does not match Spain.


So soldiers tend to be more liberal once they leave the Army?

I thought people become more conservative the older the get?

So soldiers actually reverse that trend?

Why is that?


Kind of hard to ship it if Iran mines the Straights of Hormuz. Again.


Because all that pipeline building is so much more expensive than massive troop concentrations in the area and the occasional war.

Pipelines also tend to fuck up your image real bad.

We could not ship oil from an Israeli or Turkish harbour, oh no.

God forbid that Israelis and Arabs developed common interests, who knows what would happen next, peace in the ME?

Let us stop being constructive, we all know that the profits of oil companies must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


Large populations tend toward the mean.



Looks like they're very liberal....look at the entry as the winning prize in the 'Peace'

I had a good chuckle at that one.


Then the military should be split 50/50


I don't think most people in the military (or people in general) are "liberal" to the degree this word is intended to signify. Most people who identify themselves as a liberal probably don't really understand what it actually implies and indeed the definition of this word has changed over the last century or so. Liberals used to be people who believed in liberty -- the idea that people are free to act within the boundaries of the equal rights of others afforded by a rule of law.

Now this word has come to refer to more collectivist leanings as one would find in a socialistic form of government. It doesn't strike me as unrealistic to find young men and women in the military identifying themselves in this light. It is after all a collectivist organization of sorts.

Military members are taught to rely on government because it is reinforced by the institution of the military itself. They are required to ask permission before doing anything, this can lead to the breaking down of the individual spirit. They are also taught to behave as a unit -- no matter how small. The soldier is taught the unit is vital to "mission accomplishment". The act of war is also a socialist endeavor because it require from the citizens unwavering fealty to the state and funding. It is no wonder that as the individual becomes less reliant on him or herself and more reliant on the institution the ideal of liberty becomes less prevalent.

I still believe there is an old bit of the classic liberal deep down in every American. Whether or not we tend toward more "liberal values" or "conservative values" is irrelevant; when all is said and done, in a collectivist society, the end result is the same--statism.


"If we took away women�??s right to vote, we�??d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It�??s kind of a pipe dream, it�??s a personal fantasy of mine [...] -- Ann Coulter


Liberals are people who enjoy abortion.


Do they have dinners watching abortion videos?

Or do they do it themselves for the ultimate thrill?


doesn't matter how liberal they are, not agreeing with our foreign policy has no party affiliation.


I'm definitely a do-it-yourself guy. Watching just doesn't give me the same thrill.

If I had E-eyes, I'd proceed in rolling them.


I think they just like the sucking sound of the vacuum.