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How legit is he?

I was wondering if “mking” is legit and if you think he is reliable.

Sorry, can’t help you Jeff. However, while we’re on the matter, what about a guy from Europe called MKM.

MK is the best in the business. He’s very professional, reliable, and responsive to email. He’s been around a long time, and he knows what he’s doing. Good luck getting in touch with him though if you’re not already on his list.

I’m not on his list but he replied promptly when I emailed him. Regrettably his reply was to say that he wouldn’t ship to Europe, but he was really polite and apologetic about it. Got a good feeling about him.

It’s a moot point for you.

If you are not on his list you can’t buy from
him and if you were on his list you would
know about his reliability.


C’mon bro…Patty, this post isn’ your’s is it? Anyway, mk is the best in the business…very reliable…a little patience is needed on your part.

M King is one of those not-common-enough
individuals who shows integrity even when
very costly for him to do so, and easy enough
to slide out. Only when one has seen someone
come through in a situation like that can
integrity be vouched for, and it can be
vouched for here.

Note, I don’t know him personally, don’t know
where he lives, etc. but do know the above
for sure. Those familiar with M King will know
the situation I am talking about, which happened in the past and which he handled
with 100% honor. Those who don’t know, the
details don’t matter.

Doesn’t get any more reliable than MK. The best around, by far! :slight_smile: