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How Legit are These Prices in Australia?


found few sources for gear.. i am looking around at the moment for proper pharm.g

1 guy claims he has pharmg that is imported but rebottled and re-labeled *$500 for 10ml sust250.. 200-250mg/ml depending on what he was when i want it.

other has UGL sust250 $230 10ml sust250. 250mg/ml,

does this sound right ? i am not trusting the guy with rebottled shti.. i think its UGL otherwise why bother rebottling right ?


That guy is full of shit and those prices are obscene...$50-60 is the most you should pay for a vial of test


^^ my first post isn't showing up but I just saw that you're in Australia, so disregard what I said about the prices. I know Australian customs are notoriously strict and most sources won't reship there and many won't ship there at all. For reference though $50-60 is the most I would pay for a vial of test in the US.

As for rebottling human grade gear, that is a load of BS and I would stay away from people who claim stuff like that.


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yah, i thought so..

how hard you think it is to mix the shti my self.. mix powders and oil to create test e ?

btw what you pay for gear makes me feel like crying lol


lol @ jessica alba fanny juice

thanks man, yah i thought he was dodgy.. would you trust a UGL if the guy has people returning to him all the time ?

laws here are a joke.. its easier for me to get meth/heroin/ecstacy than gear.


500 is more like a whole cycle with 3 compounds.


Maybe it's time to move


This is not uncommon at all in Australia. It is on the high side of normal but it is still normal. There are a few good UGL's out of the eastern states that sell stuff much cheaper but I am afraid you will have to get used to prices like that. I hear of people paying $50/ml on a regular basis and the cost for stuff like Dbol is just stupid, as high as $5 per 10mg tab. I was lucky enough to be around a few Pro BBer and high level Powerlifters so I got my stuff much cheaper but on a global scale it was still fairly high.


500$ is a great deal I would jump on it.


$50 per ml.... wow. i'm sorry that's awful.


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lol...yeah really. I'm just picturing rolling up a $50 bill and sticking it a syringe and injecting that.


Well get this. I have a source that is prepared to cut me the unbelievably good price of $65 per 1ml.

Thats right $1300 for teh cycle.

It IS however guaranteed pharm grade


Guaranteed huh?


how many times does this question need to be asked and in how many different ways before people actually break down and give you the answer you want?


Lol get over it bro

Its on topic

PS I find you stalking my posts a bit creepy


Its a small board, don't give yourself the idea that anyone cares enough about you personally to stalk your posts.


I was talking to the OP thanks


[quote]overstand wrote:
For reference though $50-60 is the most I would pay for a vial of test in the US.quote]

what state do you live in - if you dont mind me asking?

ill be one luck mofo if i can find a vial of test e for under 100 bucks (md, delaware, nj area)?

or do you order online