How Legit are Fitness Watch Recovery Metrics?

I’ve never had a fitness watch.
But recently I have seen ads for one called Whoop, which got me looking at the category in general. Some of these watches claim to track your “recovery” or “stress level”.
I’m curious, if anyone has used these products, what they think of these metrics?

Noteworthy background: I’m chronically sleep deprived, with 4 kids and the youngest still waking me up several times every night. On one hand I’m hesitant to even GET a tracker that monitors sleep quality, because I may become even more frustrated with how miserable my sleep situation is. On the other hand it might be useful just to corelate sleep with performance, and to see the trendline of sleep quality (hopefully) improve over the next few months.

I have one that specifically tracks sleep for recovery metrics, not the same brand though.

Using it to track recovery metrics is iffy to say the least, but i find it to be better used for tracking sleep quality and using that information to improve sleep quality.

I asked CT if he thought these watches/trackers were worthwhile and he said the tap test, grip strength, or vertical jump are better metrics. Have been following that advice recently.

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