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how lean before bulking?

As the title states how lean should i get before i decide to massive eat my face off. How long should my massive eating last for? Im thinking lean down to 10% bulk to 15% and do it all over again? Does this sound like a good idea?

I wouldn’t “plan” on bulking to 15% go for a LBM increase of ‘x’ amount while trying to keep BF increases to a minimum.
Then maintain for a couple of weeks before dropping again, yo yo dieting is counter productive.

Everything I’ve read in the Steroid forum suggests not being more then 12% and that is probably a little high. I can tell you from experience that you will like it much better if you get down under 10%
Also from what I’ve read it’s my understanding that the leaner you are the less fat you will put on when bulking.


i thought i’d throw some more shit at ya.
i dont totally agree with the whole be lean before you bulk.
i’m strongest at around 12-14% so the is wher i try to stay if im bulking, focusing on strength gains. if the weight on the bar goes up so does the weight on the scale!