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How Lame Would It Be


To tattoo I.R.O.N across my knucles?

I so wanna cover myself up in tats, my gf is really into it and can get my some sick deals when it comes to paying for them... However I would like to eventually compete in some BB competitions some years from now and I don't want them to hold me back.

So really, how lame would it be to get I.R.O.N on my knuckles?



As lame as astrology. Lamer than Miss Cleo. Less lame than whoever is, in their mind, arguing that Miss Cleo is lamer than astrology.

Seriously, if it comes down to whoever has knuckle tattoos, you're in the wrong comp.



It's pretty fuckin lame.

I meant, the tats I want would basicly be an entire back design, something that would ruin a lat spread.


Is your nickname usually rattler? People often get tattoos that rep their nicknames

you should get a baby snake on your lower back




Do whatever the fuck you want.


lol baby snake

I actually want to get a black rattlesnake wrapping all the way around and down my arm, or leg. Dunno which one yet.

Arm would be total badass


Instead of posting words, in future can you just post pics of your GF please, cheers :slight_smile:


I kinda thought it was lame that you'd ask a site full of anonymous strangers about something as personal as a tatoo-- or even care what they thought.

However, the avatar with the "No Che" chick is not lame.


Talk shit about astrology all you want, but don't diss the Cleo. The cards simply don't lie. -_-


rattler is that chick in your avatar your gf?




I know a guy who has "stay down" tattooed on his knuckles. thats pretty badass I think.


I have a tat on my knuckles.. one hand says epic and the other hand has fail
^^^^ ^^^^


I'd say on a scale of 1-10 about 50/50.


Nah b, that's my mystery babe who'se political opinions I respect... even though she probably has NO clue who that dude is


Hand tattoos are lame. Most people I see with them are creepy looking.


You could get HUGE on your right and DICK on your left so if you got in a fight, you could throw combos and all you opponent would see is HUGE DICK over and over again.