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How Is This Training Schedule?


for a beginner, I have been working out on and off for a couple of years but I have taken 4 months off and lost much of my gains and I am pissed about that

but now I want to start just bulking and gain some poundage so how does this training schedule sound?

its from another site.

here is the plan-


Did anyone actually read all of this?


Oddly enough yes, and it's what everyone on this site has repeated to practically every beginner on here. Lift heavy with compound lifts, eat a ton, use good form etc.

To the original poster, it's definetly a place to start so go for it and listen to the man's advice.


thanks a lot guys, I know its a long read u pretty much only need to read the workout a and b thats all

so you dont think maybe 6 reps are better than 5 for mass gains?


Deload? I have never heard that before. Have any of you guys heard of that or been practicing it? Am I just a moron who missed a fundamental?


Who cares? Honestly, analyzing the difference between 5 reps or 6 is pretty rediculous. No need to be so anal. Just do it.


yeah thats true, I was doing some reading on other posts here that says beginning I should do about 10-12 reps, but I think I will stick to 5-8 reps and 2-3 sets on big lifts like deadlifts and squats, I just want to get bigger and then cut later.


While I wouldn't say that you're a moron, deloading is just a quick way to say rest. I.e. stop lifting heavy for a week or so to let everything fully recover. Usually some sort of exercise is prescribed, sometimes high-rep work, or just mobility with some cardio, but the max-effort/heavy-lifting is avoided for a while.

Yes, it is a fundamental concept that many smart trainers practice to keep injuries away.


Actually, I might stick with lighter weights for the first 8-10 workouts. It will help adjust you to lifting, simply jumping in to heavy lifts might risk an injury. Besides, as a beginner, just frickin' looking at a dumbbell will get you some decent gains. Use lighter weights and practice good form for a while before you go heavy.