How is this Routine for Pencak Silat?

Olympic Front Squat
Barbell Strict Press
Deadlift or Power Clean
Neck Curls

I will do this every other day pyramiding up to a set of 3-15.

Too much, too frequent. Chop the routine in half and stick to the same schedule.

Day one: Front squat, press, pull-ups.

Day two: Dead/clean, dip, neck.

You’ll be able to train with more intensity and get better recovery.

What does this mean? Using how many sets? Total sets will determine total volume, which will determine the actual training effect (building strength vs size).

Are you using the same rep range for every exercise? 15-rep deadlifts and 3-rep dips aren’t the best ideas.

Also, and most importantly, what’s your goal? I know you said it’s a “routine for pencak silat”, but what are you specifically trying to improve? Do you need size? Are you building a base of strength? Etc.

Thanks. Ill use the chopped up routine. Except I will add hanging leg raises to the second day.
My goal is both strength and size but I’m cutting atm.
I usually build up to set of 4 or 6 and do high reps for neck, pullups and dips.

Add in the silat and you’re trying to do way too many things at once. That’s a problem. Focus and prioritize. Come up with some specific standards you want to meet and specific goals to shoot for, then work on them in 8-12 week phases.

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Maybe Ill just do 5/3/1 but with front squats instead of back squats.
I always end up using my lower back with back squats so I switched to front squats with oly shoes.