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How Is This Protein?


Is EAS a high quality protien?


If you want your farts to reek like rotten horse shit.


EAS is one of the proteins that can give me an instant bloat that makes me feel pregnant.



I wasn't trying to be funny in that first post. I used EAS products for a long time and all their protein products will make you feel bloated, sometimes I felt so shitty from drinking a Myoplex that I would just want to lay down and try to go to sleep. If a product makes one feel that utterly shitty, I think it should be avoided completely.


is EAS the same thing as ON? I hated ON, I use to think I liked it then I realized I was wasting my money.


I found this to be a problem with quite a few protein powders in the past. Thankfully I took the plunge and ordered Metabolic Drive over two years ago, and I've never worried about another powder again. It's just great all around.


I liked EAS products back in highschool, but haven't been as impressed with the products I've used from them since then.

A friend of mine recently got a big tub of EAS vanilla protein. I tasted half a serving of it just to try it and the flavor was not bad. The consistency (or 'mixability') was not as good as other proteins I have tried though. It clumped up more than I'd like and it was loaded with sugar and extra calories.


A lot of second rate protein powders are using maltodextrin and other cheap, undesirable fillers to lower their production costs. Spend the extra few bucks for quality whey/casein protein powders. It's well worth it.


If I remember correctly, the last time I looked at EAS ingredients, they had soy protein as most of the protein. At least I believe it topped the list first before whey.


i bought a 6 pound bag today from sams club, 28 i think it cost, it says 100% whey protien, 23 g per serving, i tried it and it wasnt bad, not nearly as tasty as Metabolic Drive but also 1/3 of the cost


On your first few tries it might not be too bad but let us know what happens after regular consumption. There's a reason they sell the stuff so cheap.


maybe my saying it wasnt bad was being nice, i mean for the price it wasnt terrible, my purpose for it is just for in the morning to mix some flax seeds with it, i dont like the flax seeds at all and this is just giving me some protien while getting my fiber/omega 3,

i absolutely love my Metabolic Drive, and i am going to try and keep that as my regular protien shake, the cheap EAS stuff is purely filler , it did seem like it was thin too but hopefully i just put too much water in

again, not bad for my purpose, just not a great taste like Metabolic Drive.


Try the Grow! Whey with natural taste, it mixes easy and is pretty good for the price!


I'm glad you mentioned that. If anyone has had a pure whey, like Isopure, you will like Grow! whey. Fluffy, easily mixable, and barely a flavor. Plus it is easy on the gut, unlike other "pure wheys". Seriously, no bloating on this stuff. If there wasn't a Metabolic Drive, Grow! would be my main protein powder supp.


I used to like EAS whey when I first started supplementing with proteins, until I realized there are much better products for only a little more $$. I feel like the taste and quality of their whey has gone down over the years too.


I bought some EAS today. Mostly because I am a poor college student at the moment. It works for the time being--I rarely have trouble digesting anything. I've used EAS before with no problems at all--gets the job done when money is tight.


what input do you all have on HDT 5 PLUS 1


I agree. ON has been my protein for years. I like muscle milk too.


Don't mean to come down on your choice, just wondering if you've read this review of Muscle Milk?



They've been increasing their prices lately, from 30 to around 40 for 5lbs.

I personally like ON as well (I've been using them for the last 2 years), rocky road is my favorite and I've do not have bloating problems. I like it because of the extra glutamine in it.

I've tried Biotest's Grow! Whey before (bought 3 tubs if I remember correctly) and it's great as well. I wish there were more flavors, but it gave me absolutely no bloating either.

I'm going to get Biotest's Grow! Whey next time due to its price and quality.

I would stay away from Universal's meal replacements. It's a 50/50 chance for me as it seems like my body does not like the ingredients, I had to leave the gym early one time because I was about to yack all that shit back up. It was however very cheap in but the quality is questionable. Lots of complex carbs and protein, however.