How is This Program for Size?

I am doing a full body routine and legs on a separate day.
Workout 1: 4x DB chest press, 3x DB shoulder press, 4x pulldown, 3x BB shrugs, 3x incline DB curl, 3x rope tricep extension
Workout 2: 4x DB chest press, 3x side lateral raise, 4x Bent over (45 deg) barbell row, 3x rope face pulls, 3x assisted chinup, 3x two handed dumbbell tricep extension
I am running this Tue, Thurs, Sat as 1 2 1 2 1 …

Question: Is the volume okay? Am I doing too much or too less for the larger muscles? Like chest and back, do I need to increase volume?

Important Question: Am I doing too much for biceps/triceps? I want to increase the arm size and thought frequency was key. So directly I am doing a low volume of 3 sets per workout of curls/extensions, do I need to reduce this? My arms haven’t grown at all in quite some time.

A “full body routine” would mean you’re training the whole body in each workout. What you’re doing in an upper-lower split. You’re also only giving us limited information. We need to know the rep ranges you’re using for each exercise, and also exactly what your leg day looks like (the exercises, sets, and reps).

Again, without knowing the reps you’re using, there’s no way for us to know anything about volume.

One exercise for each, in each workout, is fine. But again, seeing the reps will give us a better idea.

What’s your current height, weight, and general body fat?


Thank you for helping me out.

So the reps start at 8 reps and I work my way up to 12 reps over 1-3 weeks. So week 1 it would be DB chest press 4 sets8reps the next week (if I gain strength) 4sets10reps…

But a minimum of 8 reps.

For curls/extensions 10 reps.

Currently: I am in a pretty bad shape. I weigh 155ish lbs and 6’ but 24% body fat. I am extreme skinny fat and when I stretch the tape around my arms (flexed) its like 12.2" only.

I need to gain some muscle mass before I can cut again so thats why I am doing this.


Also, my leg day is like this:

3x8 back squat, 3x8 hamstring curl, 3x8 calf raise and I don’t do deadlifts (yet). Instead I’m doing weighted hyperextensions until I can start doing deadlifts.

Is the volume okay for lats/chest or is it too less or too much?

Thank you Chris, this is really helpful.

Why not, out of interest?


Yeah, no problem. I don’t do deadlifts because I used to and I did 40kg once stiff-legged and almost blew out my lower back. So until I get a stronger overall base with hyperextensions, I’m not stepping back into the deadlift game.

Have you considered light deadlifts? That way you are building strength while practicing the movement.

I don’t know. After that “injury,” I am kind of really scared to start deadlifting again (for a while). I did start light with the bar and got up to 40kg, but then it just screwed up my lower back for a few weeks, and it was very painful.

When you do start back (and I think it should be sooner rather than later), I would recommend getting someone experienced to coach you for a session or two if that’s possible. They will be able to tell you if it’s a technique issue, strength issue or flexibility issue.

I picked the deadlift because I like Yogi’s simplified model of weight training: “strain and burn”. In my opinion, you don’t find many movements more inherently “strain-ey” than the deadlift. It also crosses off a “missing movement” in your training: the hip hinge.

If you belive in it and put the with in it’ll work.

Gonna veer from the other fellows and say unless you plan to compete in strongman or powerlifting or what have you you don’t NEED to deadlift. But you need to make up for it with a hinge movement and some (or lots of) back work. I fucked up my back in my competition about a month ago so have switched to front squats and higher rep, lighter weight rdls until I’m ready to pull from the floor again. And I’m only gonna pull from the floor so soon bc it’s a contested lift.