How is This Legal?

This is my first time posting on this section and I dont know much about politics and law, so if you can may you please tell me how this is legal…

I got a ticket in the mail for illegal dumping in Boston, $1000 ticket. Now I was not in Boston on the alleged violation date (I was working in CT) and I havent been in Boston since September. Apparently a friend of mine had my CT address on paper and illegally dumped it along with a whole bunch of other garbage somewhere. The officer found my address in the garbage and wrote me the ticket.


I will be appealing the violation and I tried to tlk to the officer, but he was a dick and he didnt care about my innocence or my proof of innocence. Any help would be greatly appreciated when trying to prove my innocence. I was thinking having my boss sign a letter that I was at work and then getting it notarized.



if you guys can please offer some guidance.

Get better friends.

Seriously, if your friend is really a friend, he should offer to pay your fine, since he’s the one who broke the law. If I did something dumb that got a friend in trouble, I’d step up, take care of it, and apologize profusely.

If not, well he’s more accurately described as “an acquaintance” and you should feel free to give him up to the prosecutor to get out of paying that fine.

Giving up fellow citizens to the authorities: It’s the New American Way™