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How is Thibs Wearing Size Large?


yet my boy wore a xl tonight at 204 lbs and his XL looked sprayed on
i'm calling shenanigans!
my boy is 5'10" 204 and wears the TMUSCLE XL
Thibs is in the L


um, ok.


Thib is actually 5'2".

Little known fact.


ISO Hawaiian Tropic model


I'm calling shenanigans on the very existence of this "Christian Thibaudeau" fellow. Biotest is obviously just making CG movies, trying to convince us that we can achieve a physique such as his with their supplements. Anyone with a brain would know that only NO-Xplode is sufficient to build a body like Biotest's cartoon creation.


in CTs defense that L shirt is so tight if he farts its going to rip off him and strangle somebody.


he was smaller when that video of him in the large was shot /thread


your boy is swole.


punch that ho in the face avatar!!!!






Fuckin class of '07...


my buddy asked me about responses to the post, i forgot I posted it.
so Thibs must be real short I assume to be wearing a L
someone asked for Hawaiian Tropic model?
today beach


and how did you know this? (not disagreeing with you i actually wanna know)


How much does your boy bench?!


Thib is actually not human and can shrink and grow at will.

Sure, he may PRETEND that he lifts heavy weights and trains hard, but I have personally witnessed him instantly gain 30lbs of solid muscle while doing nothing but smoothly squeezing out a mild fart in the passing breeze.

I have a theory that passing that fart aids his transformation somehow, but seeing as how my last inquiry into his amazing abilities caused him to grow to 350lbs just so he could out-eat me at Whataburger, I think I will pass on further investigation.


Seriously man, you are my favorite poster!!! That girl of yours is pretty damn hott!! And thats coming from a guy who has a pretty damn hott girl himself, but mine would "rip my head off" if I ever posted a pic of her in these forums. lol Glad your girl isn't as shy! =D

I'm sorry, what was this thread about again??


you said that to me, you say that to everyone? slams door


It's a hulk type of gene. He can absorb energy at will causing exponential growth.

In a well lit room or somewhere with loud music playing he hits 7-800 lbs. if he wants.


You can't compete with him Kerley, I'm sorry. You post pictures of Kittehs and assist in giving celtics shit, which is great, but this guy's got a hot model gf who he's willing to share... All you share is your fapping stories.


I tried pissing him off to see if he would get even bigger but he's a lot like the Pillsbury Doughboy in that he just giggles and then goes and bakes something to eat.


please call them fappng fables, i like alliteration.