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How is the T-Dawg Diet?


Hello guys. I've been a long reader of stuff over at bb.com but I have recently found out about the T-Dawg diet here at T-Nation and decided to sign up for the forums!

Little bit about myself:
Earlier this year, I was 255 lbs @ 6'1 tall, with about 35% body fat. I was a huge tub of lard who couldn't even bench a 135 once to save his life. I remember getting sore for DAYS after doing few sets of squats with a bar + 25s on the side.

I've been following bb.com's all pro's routine and recently switched to SS and it's been about a month on SS now.

So, after about 8 months of training and not really "strict" diet, now I am at
210lbs, 23.5% BF, and just finished
3x5 Dead @ 265lbs
3x5 Squat @ 250lbs
3x5 Bench @ 160lbs.

I feel better about myself, I can actually talk to girls now (rofl) and more energy than EVER in my life.

Now, I mentioned I wasn't really doing a strict diet. I was for sure on a calorie deficit so I think that explains why I my BF% is still high even though I lost more than 40 lbs. I think I lost 5~10 lbs of muscle too but for NOW, it did work and I am happy with that.

Anyways, By July 4th 2011, I want to be about 185 lbs with 15% or so BF.

Is the T-Dawg diet good one to follow? I've been normally just limiting myself on carbs, and upping protein intake, never really a "set" program like the T-Dawg Diet. Is T-Dawg diet good for fat loss? Anyone recommend any other diet program?

If anyone can shed some light on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


For those who don't know what it is,


It's a pretty basic low carb diet. Try it out, some people love diets like this and eat this way year round, some people hate them. Only one way to figure out where you fall.