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How is Tamoxifen Administered?


Liguid Tamoxifen with the dropper is administered with the dropper or a pin? Yeh flame away but I don't want to be unprepared so please lend this newbie a hand.



I've been told one just uses the dropper and adminsters a dose orally in the correct incriment. IE your vial should have a mg/ML on it, find out how big your dropper is and you're set.

I'd be willing to bet it's probably 1mL, but find out for sure.


One thing about the dropper..You want to be SURE what kind of dosages you are taking. I like to take a slin needle...and use it to "pull" the product out of the vial...you can never trust a dropper to be 100% accurate unless it is specifically marked. This goes with all "liqui" products...especially clen and t3. Just my three cents worth.


Thanks! Nothing more embarrasing than putting something in your mouth that is meant to go in your arse!


Brings back some good times :slightly_smiling:


Except of course putting something in your arse that is meant to go in your mouth . . .


What if you just aren't sure so you put in your arse and then put it straight in your mouth... eh?


I think that makes you "brokeback".
But I think its ok if you put it in someone elses arse.